Royal Skin Moisture Solution Ampoule Mask - Soothing and Moisturizing


ROYAL SKIN Moisture Solution Ampoule Mask's excellent adhesion sheet evenly distributes active ingredients of the moisture ampoule to the skin, making it moist and smooth.


- One sheet of mask with one bottle of essence for a single care
- One bottle of ampoule mask with active ingredients of panthenol and moisture component hyaluronic acid
- 30 grams of entire moisture ampoule for all skin types and faces that need care
- Smooth application without irritation: Natural sheet consisting of eucalyptus tree extract without skin irritation
- Excellent absorbance and application: Applies the active ingredients of the essence entirely to skin without soaking the sheet
- Main ingredients: Sodium hyaluronater retains skin moisture. Panthenol enhances skin moisturizing. Centella asiatica extract and green tea extract soothe tired skin

How to Use
- After washing your face, apply the tonic to balance the skin tone.
- Open the pouch and take out the sheet and unfold, and place the non-protection side to the face.
- Remove the protection side.
- Rest 10-15 minutes and remove the sheet.
- Dab the remaining essence to help absorption to the skin.

Capacity: 30g x 10 sheets. Made in Korea