OHUI Prime Advancer Phyto Vital Special Set - Premium Anti Aging Line


O HUI Prime Advancer Phyto Vital strengthens the skin's own power to keep the skin youthful and beautiful without being shaken by any environment or change by enhancing the skin's core. This premium line of O HUI cosmetics firmly holds the skin barrier and elasticity to prevent aging process.


- Prime Advancer Skin Softener

It is an essence type high moisturizing skin softener, containing abundant amount of ampoules that makes skin core firm. Transparent formula is absorbed quickly and gently, and fills moisture with smooth texture without filling and stickiness.

- Prime Advancer Emulsion

It is a moisturizing emulsion with a soft texture, containing abundant amount of ampoules that makes skin core firm. A thin, soft moisture formula wraps around your skin tightly to keep it moist and healthy for a long time.

- Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum

Containing plant-derived vitality provides healthy skin that can resist against various changes and an external environment by strengthening the core of skin.

Experience this stunning, extraordinary rejuvenation of the anti-aging ampoule serum that firms, tightens skin base for a youthful, beautiful appearance day by day.

The sensual, premium texture imparts a burst of enriched moisture upon contact, deeply penetrating with potent hydration and comforting properties in featherweight application with a supple result inside-out.

- Prime Advancer Ampoule Capture Cream EX

It is wrapping ampoule that strengthens the core of skin with soft radiant creamy texture. Non-sticky, refreshing, firming texture provides elasticity as it softly melts and applies on skin upon contact with skin and smoothly adhering to skin.

Trimatricin Peptide™ makes skin more elastic and healthy by strengthening skin's core and by improving skin elasticity.

* Trimatricin Peptide™

3-Matricine Peptide™ (Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7) consists of three special substances of Prime Advanced that firms up skin. It strengthens skin's core and improves skin elasticity.

The set includes:

- O HUI Prime Advancer Skin Softener 150ml (5.07 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Emulsion 130ml (4.39 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Serum 20ml (0.67 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Ampoule Capture Cream EX 25ml (0.84 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Skin Softener 20ml (0.67 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Emulsion 20ml (0.67 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Pre-Essence 35ml (1.18 oz)
- O HUI Prime Advancer Eye Cream 5ml (0.16 oz)
- O HUI Mini Stick Blusher Peach Coral 7g

How to use:

Skin Softener > Pre-Essence > Ampoule Serum > Emulsion > Eye Cream > Cream EX

Made in Korea