Kwangdong Cordyceps Liquid Drink - A Superfood To Boost Immune System


Cordyceps Extract is a natural way to support your immune system. This superfood has antioxidant properties that can help increase athletic endurance and contribute to heart health. It also has beneficial effects on the kidneys and may boost libido.


- Good for promoting health, anti-asthenia and body recovery.

- Strengthens the immune system as well as the body’s resistance to prevent many diseases.

- Can be used during the treatment of diabetes to control blood sugar, help stabilize heart rate and reduce bad cholesterol in the blood.

- Support the treatment of physiological disorders for both men and women, enhance physiological function.

- Good for many organ systems such as liver, kidney, lungs, respiratory system, digestive system, etc.

- Some studies have shown that Cordyceps has anti-cancer effects.

- Anti-aging effect, beauty skin.

Capacity: 300ml (10ml x 30 packets). Made in Korea