Kemy Baked Grain Crispy Roll 21 Purple Sweet Potato


Kemy Baked Grain Crispy Roll 21 Purple Sweet Potato - 21 Grains in One Bite - A delicious crispy baked snack with rich & creamy filling!


- 21 is the magic number. Baked to perfection with a deliciously rich and creamy center, every bite of KEMY premium crispy roll is akin to having a mouthful of 21 types of healthy Korean ingredients for a perfectly wholesome yet delicious snack!

- Made out of 21 unique kinds of whole grains, legumes and seeds, including brown rice, corn, white rice, millet, glutinous millet, rye, barley, sorghum, glutinous rice, black bean, buckwheat, mung beans, black sesame, Adzuki beans, black rice, black glutinous rice, kidney beans, seolitae (a kind of legume), seomogtae (a kind of small bean), peas and sesame seeds.

- Great snack for the whole family to enjoy

- Made with healthy pure Korean ingredients. Non-fried and baked to perfection. Zero Trans-Fat. No preservatives!

Capacity: 110 sticks. Made In Korea