Hello Bubble x Blackpink Foam Color Hair Dye - Mermaid Green


[Mise en Scene] Hello Bubble x Blackpink Foam Color Hair Dye / Mermaid Green / #4GN


- THE PERFECT FOAM HAIR DYE: The Hello Bubble Foam Color provides 100% coverage and stunning color for unique look.

- AMMONIA FREE: No disgusting odor, brings you comfort while using!

- A BOOST OF COLOR: Foam hair dye with the perfect balance of lightness and tone. Recommended to use on dark brown to light brown hair for best results.

- COVERAGE FOR DAYS: A permanent hair color system that lasts up to 60 days.

- NICE ‘N EASY: Uses foam formula that helps to deliver luxurious color and flawless gloss in just ten minutes. Wash thoroughly with water, no need to use shampoo or conditioner.

- A COMPLETE HAIR DYE KIT: Includes Foam color Solution 1, Foam color Solution 2, Foam color Solution 3, Perfect Hair Serum, gown and gloves.

How to use: Wear gloves and gown to start. Mix Solution 1 and Solution 3 into Solution 2 bottle. Close the cap before mix. Shake the mixed solutions then apply evenly on your hair. Wait about 30 min until 1 hour for best result. After that, rinse thoroughly with water only. Apply the Perfect Hair Serum as the last step.

Made in Korea