Hanmi Korean Honey 6-year Red Ginseng - Premium Quality


Korean Red Ginseng is a superfood that is packed with potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that boosts health and overall wellbeing. It's been nicknamed the “elixir of life” and remains one of Korea's top food exports.

Hanmi Korean Honey Red Ginseng is made with only two ingredients: Korea-grown 6-year Red ginseng and natural bee honey. Absolutely no preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavoring!


- A pure, natural, and premium red ginseng that is great for daily health and health recovery. Enhanced with high-quality honey for natural antibacterial effects and better taste!

Replenishes Energy

- Restores Stamina

- Enhances Overall Well-being

- Supports Immunity

- Boosts Concentration

- Improves Focus

- Supports Lung Health

How to use: Cut the whole honey ginseng into 3-4mm slices. Consume instantly as needed on a daily basis or put 1-2 slices into a cup of hot tea to enjoy.

Capacity: 200gr x 10ea. Made in Korea