GCELL Cica Body Hair Removal Cream

GCELL Cica Body Hair Removal Cream


GCELL CICA BODY HAIR REMOVAL CREAM - The incredible story begins - Take your body hair removal to a next level!


- Specialized in treating stubborn hair
- Safe, suitable for sensitive skin
- Incredible result!
- ONLY 10-15 minutes to feel the EFFICIENCY!

  • Legs and arms hair
  • Armpit hair, mustache, back hair
  • Bikini area hair

GCELL HAIR REMOVAL CREAM is highly effective and extremely economical!

How to use: On spots that have thicker hair such as the bikini areas, armpits and legs, apply a thick layer of cream and make sure that hair in these areas are covered by cream, which means the hair should lay in cream, then wait until the hair form tiny curls (could take up to 30min or 40min). After that, use a clean towel to wipe out the hair and cream, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After the first use, some hair spots might not be removed. This is normal. After 2 or 3 days from the first use, use the cream again and follow the same direction. It may take up to 4 or 5 times of use to weaken the root from deep inside so that hair can be removed thoroughly. 

Capacity: 100ml. Made in Korea

GCELL Cica Body Hair Removal Cream