Dong-A Pharm Noscarna Scar Treatment Gel for Face and Body


Scars gets darker if left untreated. If you want to take care of your skin and fade away scars, try “Noscarna Gel.”


- Since its release, it has received plenty of love from consumers, reaching 10 billion won in sales. Noscarna Gel is enjoying the highest level of popularity among scar gel products Noscarna Gelreleased in Korea due to its effectiveness in treating acne scars. Acene scars can get darker if left untreated, and it is important not to miss the best timing for treatment.

- Noscarna Gel leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh.

- Intensively treat Acne scars, surgery scars, hypertrophic / keloidalis scars

- You can put on makeup immediately after applying Noscarna Gel.

Capacity: 20gr. Made in Korea