DERLADIE Cleansing Water Witch Hazel


DERLADIE Cleansing Water Witch Hazel 500ml with ingredients from Hazel - herbs discovered by Indians hundreds of years ago and honored by Americans as a valuable remedy for the skin. Therefore it is present in almost every American family.


Advantages of makeup remover extracted from Korean Derladie Hazel
- Benign Hazelnut can be used for baby's skin. So it’s extremely suitable for sensitive skin types.
- Savings for acne skin. Hazelnut works to soothe the types of acne red acne, healing effects.
- The tannins in the Hazelnut water naturally tightens pores and open wounds on the skin.
- Completely convincing large pore oil skin.
- The most special thing about hazelnut is the ability to clean, high antiseptic.
- Clean up the thickest make up layer.
- Deep clean the dirt layer under the skin.

Capacity: 500ml. Made in Korea