How Korean women do their makeup?

How Korean women do their makeup?

You will be amazed at the natural glow that comes within from the very below skin layer.

For good makeup always start with a clean, clear face. Most Koreans are blessed with a fair to milky white complexion and small pores, so porcelain skin is naturally found in them. Your weather is a big factor too, but it’s still said that Korean women also must congratulate themselves for really taking care of their skin. Next, BB cream is very important in Korean skincare. This liquid foundation or moisturizer is very effective in giving you radiant, dewy skin. If you apply it to your face in the right amount and color to match your complexion.


Whether in pencil, liquid, or gel form, black eyeliners are a must for Korean Makeup as they accentuate the eyes and make them look larger. They squint for a fresh yet subtle look every day. Narrowing means that you line the gaps between the lashes or lie as close to the lash line as possible. This method will do wonders by making your eyes look bigger, brighter, and younger. It will also create what has been called "invisible" eye makeup which probably surprised you at how Koreans have seemingly defined eyes. But it looks like they are not wearing eye makeup at all. Korean women rarely wear bold dark eyeshadows unless they are actresses who give concerts and performances. You always opt for more neutral colors, champagne tones, or simply a slight shine to highlight your eyelids. Sometimes they even chose not to gamble. 


Korean women are blessed with a naturally glassy skin. They like to use blush in shades of pink, coral, and peach in enough quantity to create a healthy glow. For a naturally flushed look, they use tints on their cheeks. For a cool, moist, porcelain-like finish, they usually apply highlighters or highlighters to the highlights on their face. 

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